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About KSKS Collectibles Inc.

Courtesy, professionalism, and customer service are hallmarks of KSKS Sports Collectibles. Established in 1989 under the umbrella of its parent company KSKS Partners, the sports collectibles company specializes in vintage sports publications, programs, jerseys, and classic autographed hockey and baseball memorabilia and pictures. The heart of our company philosophy is trust and integrity. KSKS Sports Collectibles has been fighting the increasing trend toward bogus autographs by researching and authenticating every signature that it buys and sells, utilizing a large reference library that has grown over the years. All our authentic signatures are scanned, dated, and stored in this library. The practice of private athlete signings is also a key part of our success in the sports collectibles industry.

KSKS Partners, and its sports memorabilia business, KSKS Sports Collectibles Inc., is 100% owned by Steven Shelton and managed by a highly-experienced staff. Mr. Shelton is very passionate about sports and the collectible business, having been a collector himself since the age of 10. In order to bring his company to the next level, he recently retired from the field of investment banking. He had worked in the financial industry for 25 years, and over his career he has been with firms such as Goldman Sachs, HSBC bank, and Desjardins Securities.

Being very passionate about sports, it is a dream come true for Mr. Shelton to spend 100% of his time on sports, his businesses, his family, and his four sons, Kevin, Scott, Kristofer, and Spencer ( KSKS ).